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    214 S Second Street, Suite 101
    Whitewater, WI 53190


    Dr. Peggy Linneman will be celebrating 20 years of being in Whitewater on February 17, 2017. She has been practicing in Whitewater since March 1997. She focuses on what chiropractic can do to relieve pain and eliminate nerve interference so your body can function at a higher level. Dr. Peggy utilizes different techniques, one of them being the Thompson Technique which uses a "Segmental Drop Table" to enhance the motion force imparted towards the area to be adjusted. Whitewater Chirropractic’s mission is providing chiropractic care in the best, most effective manner to relieve the pains and aches that come from every day life. We are driven to help patients attain a better quality of life and the freedom to enjoy life in whatever way they see fit. Pain is not normal and you should not feel you have to live with it. Giving you your life back is our goal. Samantha, who has been working in the office for nearly six years says Dr. Peggy “always goes the extra mile”. Whitewater Chiropractic LLC, which is located at 214 S Second Street, Suite 101, has been at this location for nearly 7 years and features watercolor paintings from local artist, Karolyn Alexander. They can be reached at (262) 472-0209 or by email at wwchirop@sbcglobal.net. Their website is www.whitewaterchiropractic.com and has a link to a new patient coupon as well as plenty of information about Dr. Peggy Linneman and her practice.  

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