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    Agrace Hospice & Palliative Care


    Volunteering for Agrace Hospice & Palliative Care can be a very rewarding experience. There are several ways volunteers can help:

    •     Visit and provide companionship to local hospice patients in patient’s homes, or in nursing homes or assisted living centers

    •     Greet visitors, help prepare meals for patients, or visit with patients staying at the Agrace Center for Hospice & Palliative Care in Janesville 

    •     Help shoppers, and sort and price donated merchandise at the Agrace Thrift Store in Janesville


    Schedules are flexible, and free training is provided for all volunteer roles.


    If you’re ready to learn more about becoming an Agrace volunteer, please call (608) 327-7163 or email volunteer@agrace.org If you email, please include your phone number so we can call you.


  • Bethel House


    Do you want to help families in your community who are struggling?  
    There are many ways YOU can volunteer at Bethel House: 

    • Cleaning 
    • Painting 
    • House repairs
    • Yard work
    • Making baby blankets, quilts, Christmas stockings, or other crafts
    • Organizing donations
    • Translating
    • Transportation
    • Car repairs
    • Web design and IT assistance
    • Fundraising
    • Donation drives
    • Professional services (legal, counseling, finance, etc.)
    • Have another idea?  Let us know!

    We welcome church groups, University students, Scouts, workplace groups, and community members!  Contact us!

    (262) 473-2715


  • Downtown Whitewater


    This is an organization made to serve the downtown area with an office located at 150 W Main St. Help pick up trash around town or lend a hand at events.

    (262) 473-2200



  • Fairhaven


    Here at Fairhaven Senior Services and withing the Leisure Services Department we offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities Sunday through Saturday and all we ask for is a minimum of 30 hours over the volunteer experience. The hours can overlap during winter/summer breaks if needed. 

    Volunteers help assist Leisure Services with planned and un-planned activities and provide meaningful conversations and interactions with the residents here at Fairhaven. Opportunities include: outings, outdoor activities, UW-W campus events, UW-W Children's Center events, bingo, dog treat making, musical entertainers, crafts, exercise games, 1 to 1 visits and much more. 

    Below are the time frame that we offer volunteering: 

    Sunday: 12:30-4:30 & 5:30-8:30pm

    Monday: 8:30-12:00; 1:00-4:30 & 5:00-8:30pm

    Tuesday: 8:30-12:00; 1:00-4:30 & 5:00-8:30pm 

    Wednesday: 8:30-12:00; 1:00-4:30 & 5:00-8:30pm

    Thursday: 8:30-12:00; 1:00-4:30 & 5:00-8:30pm

    Friday: 8:30-12:00; 1:00-4:30 & 5:00-8:30pm

    Saturday: 12:30-4:30 & 5:30-8:30pm

    You would not need to volunteer the entire shift (example: 9-11:30....2-4....) and could volunteer multiple times during the week. I do only take two volunteers per time frame. One thing to keep in mind is the majority of the PM/Weekend Leisure Service staff members did start up as volunteers, so this could lead to a future employment opportunity.

    If you are interested in volunteering here at Fairhaven Senior Services or have any questions please feel free to call me at: 262-753-0010 ext: 1145 or e-mail: robinsonb@fairhaven.org

    Brian Robinson, Director of Leisure Services 


  • Fort Healthcare Partners


    Fort HealthCare Partners is a volunteer organization composed of men and women from Fort Atkinson and the surrounding communities. These community-minded volunteers bring greater comfort and cheer to all our patients and visitors. Youth ages 14 and up are also encouraged to volunteer, to then become a VolunTEEN. 

    Volunteer activities include:

    • Clerical Support
    • Ambulatory Services Support
    • School Tours
    • TeleCare
    • Wheelchair Maintenance Service
    • CPR Mannequin Cleaning Service
    • Book, Jewelry, and Flower Sales and Art Fairs
    • Hospitality Cart
    • Greeter/Ambassador
    • Center for Joint Replacement

    Call 920-568-5276 or email kari.behling@forthc.com



    Mulberry Communities Need Volunteers


    Volunteers may help residents with painting nails/playing card or board games/talking/any type of craft. Hours are flexible and can accommodate all schedules!

    Gina Crown 262-473-9876




    Mulberry Glen Senior Living


    Check out our rewarding opportunities to volunteer at Capri Communities with our great seniors and staff across southeastern Wisconsin! In order to get started, please complete the application found here: https://www.capricommunities.com/Capri-Files/Volunteer-Application.pdf You can return the application via mail, in person at one of our communities, or via email to mdavis@capricommunities.com.

    (262) 473-4515



    Nursing Home Visitation Program -UWW


    Meet in the lobby of Winther Hall at the start time, drive 30 minutes in university-provided vans to a nursing home, play games or do crafts with the residents, then drive back. Each visit is 2 hours of volunteer work.

    If you would like to join NHVP and take part in this life-changing experience, please view the schedule and email the coordinator of the group that you would be interested in volunteering with. The weekly visits are a two-hour time commitment consisting of a 30 minute drive there, an hour visiting with a wonderful resident, and a 30 minute drive back. We promise you will have a fabulous experience!



    People Against Domestic & Sexual Abuse


    This is a non-profit organization based in Jefferson with a mission is to provide advocacy and options to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. They are in need of volunteers to replenish pull tab postings around the county including businesses and healthcare clinics.

    You can call (800) 228-7232 or visit their Facebook page to leave a message.



    Rainbow Hospice Care


    Rainbow Hospice Care is a community-based non-profit organization that provides a full spectrum of in-home and inpatient care services for terminally ill patients and their families living in Jefferson County.

    They are always looking for volunteers to help with:

           ​​​​Reading to a patient or holding a hand

    • Relieving family members
    • Shopping or doing errands for a patient
    • Listening
    • Helping patients write or tell their life stories

    Go to their website and look at the volunteer information page, or call 920-674-6255.



    Studio 84


    Studio 84 is a nonprofit art studio, gallery, and gift store that specializes in the creative development of people with disabilities. Your support can provide a person with a disability the opportunity to change their identity form a "disabled person" to a "creative artist".

     (262) 473-9845




    Touched by a Paw


    Cat rescue located in the back of Reflections of the Past. Always seeking volunteers to help care for cats and kittens. Call or stop in to become a volunteer today. 

    (262) 473-4769




    The Community Space


    The Community Space provides food, clothing, furniture and more to people in a dignified, respectful and joyful manner.

    (262) 379-0187




    United Way of Jefferson & N. Walworth Counties


    This website has postings of volunteer opportunities in the area. Some examples of businesses that post listings are the Rock River Free Clinic and Hoard Historical Museum.

    Rock River Clinic: (920) 674-7442

    Hoard Historical Museum: (920) 563-7769



    UWW Sustainability


    A variety of volunteer activities are offered by the Sustainability Office throughout the year, including the Campus Garden, Upham Greenhouse, Prairie Seed Collection, and Stream Monitoring, which are explained in detail below.  Consider joining our contact list to receive a monthly newsletter with current volunteer opportunities, upcoming events and other sustainability-related news.

    For our current schedule of volunteer sessions or to subscribe to our newsletter, please email sustainability@uww.edu.



    Whitewater Arts Alliance


    The mission of the Whitewater Arts Alliance, Inc. is to promote the visual and performing arts through an alliance of artists, individuals, educational resources, and organizations to promote creativity and diversity that will serve to educate and enrich the lives of the residents of the Whitewater community and surrounding areas.

    The Whitewater Arts Alliance is looking for individuals to:

    • Being a docent at the Cultural Arts Center during an exhibit

    • Hanging a show

    • Facility assistance

    If you'd like to get involved, contact Mary Kenne 262-473-1292



    Young Auditorium

    Below are the steps to follow if you want to volunteer usher at Young Auditorium.  Ushering times range in length from 2 hours to 3.5 hours.

    1.      Go to Young Auditorium Website www.uww.edu/youngauditorium

    2.      Click on “Get Involved” (top right corner of the site)

    3.      Click on “Learn More” (under “Volunteer”)

    4.      Click on “Volunteerspot.com”

    5.      Go to the calendar (top right portion)

    6.      Click on the date you would like to volunteer (that event will show up on the top of the page)

    7.      Click on “sign up” (twice if two people want to sign up)

    8.      Click on the right or left arrows to change the month

    9.      Wait to click “SAVE” until you are completely finished signing up for events.

    10.  When you’re finished you can print out your volunteer schedule for Young Auditorium and keep it as a reminder throughout the season.

    ®  We call all ushers within the week prior the event to give a verbal reminder of their commitment.

    ®  We ask that all volunteers dress in casual/dress black and white.

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