About the Chamber

The Whitewater Chamber of Commerce is a business association that serves the area’s local businesses by bringing business owners and the community together through events and promotions.
Our membership of businesses and individuals is dedicated to keeping Whitewater as the perfect place to live, learn, work, play and dream through the support and encouragement of local community members. Our vibrant Whitewater community brings together the perfect combination of university life and small-town hospitality. 


The Whitewater Chamber of Commerce is a community organization that supports growth in business and education.



Support and speak on behalf of our local businesses and community members


Promote engagement & participation to strengthen our relationships and bring us closer together


Provide guidance & direction to help our members achieve their goals and success 

Office Staff

Kellie Carper

Executive Director

Kellie Carper has a passion for building relationships and actively serving the communities she calls home. She grew up in the Geneva Lakes area spending time in Fontana and Lake Geneva. Her family left the area during her high school days, but as is with most Wisconsinites she happily returned with her family in 2004.

Kellie has been a resident of Walworth County for over 15 years returning home to Lake Geneva to raise her children. Kellie joins the chamber and the Whitewater community with a background in hospitality, higher education, and small business management. She enjoys being a tourist in her own state exploring all that it has to offer.

Kellie looks forward to supporting the business community in Whitewater, fostering growth, and creating engaging opportunities for visitors and locals alike to enjoy its rich history and friendly culture.

Katy Wimer

Coordinator of Operations & Events

Katy Wimer is a writer, photographer, and healing artist who lives out by Whitewater Lake in a cozy home with her husband and two cats. As an entrepreneur and owner of two local businesses, katy daixon photography and Wise Moon Healing Arts, Katy is a big fan of supporting all things local. She’s an avid hiker and enjoys writing about/capturing the natural world.

Katy serves as Operations & Events Coordinator as well as Content Creator and Blogger for Discover Whitewater because she wants to encourage others to explore and experience the beauty and magic of Whitewater that she witnesses on a daily basis.