Edgerton Hospital Whitewater Clinic

Building strong relationships with patients and their families

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Edgerton Hospital Whitewater Clinic

Building strong relationships with patients and their families

Interviewee: Jason Hafeman, Marketing Manager of Edgerton Hospital Whitewater Clinic in Whitewater, WI

Interviewer: Katy Wimer, Director of Content & Communications with Discover Whitewater Chamber, Tourism, & Downtown Whitewater

Key items related to heart health that they wanted to share for American Heart Month:

1. Dr. Buenzow recently applied for a grant through the American Heart Association to improve patient care by creating guidelines to treat and manage hypertension and cholesterol in order to reduce cardiovascular risk factors in our patients. Dr. Buenzow has been collaborating with various departments, providers, and administrators to launch improved management of chronic diseases.
2. In January 2024, Edgerton Hospital began offering Coronary Calcium CT Scans (also known as Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) Tests ). We have special introductory pricing during Jan. & Feb. 2024 to support Heart Health Month!
What is a CAC test?
A coronary calcium scan is a special computerized tomography (CT) scan of the heart. It looks for calcium deposits in the heart arteries. Calcium buildup can narrow the arteries and reduce blood flow to the heart. A coronary calcium scan may show coronary artery disease before you have symptoms. Coronary calcium scan results can help determine the risk of heart attacks or strokes and may be used to plan or change treatment for coronary artery disease.

1. What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know?

Our hospital was founded by a nurse, and nurses continue to lead and power our organization. Our CEO, Marc
Augsburger’s early years in healthcare, were as a nurse. Our primary care and mental health providers are all Nurse Practitioners or Doctors of Nursing Practice. While we offer numerous specialties, diagnostic testing, swing bed, orthopedics, and rehabilitation services, nurses are at our core.

2. What do you see as the key to your success?

Our Whitewater Clinic provider, Dr. Rene Buenzow, believes in a patient-focused approach to healthcare and wellness. She is committed to building strong relationships with her patients and their families. Dr. Buenzow sees trust as “vital” to providing the best healthcare services for her patients.

3. What motivates you?

Our leadership and team are community focused and want to meet the healthcare needs of the communities we serve. We know that in today’s healthcare landscape, accessibility is a challenge. Our recent expansion of high-need services, like mental health, and the opening of our Whitewater Clinic, are a direct result of our
organization taking steps to meet community needs and make health services more accessible.

4. What advice would you give a new business owner?

Planning and vision are keys to growth and success. Spend the time needed to get it right from the beginning but stay open to new opportunities. Research your community and potential customers and see how their needs and interests interweave with your vision. Create opportunities to build community and a relationship with the people you serve. Make them feel valued, comfortable, and welcome. These steps will help you build long-lasting relationships, and not only customers, but champions who will help spread the word about your

5. How do you support the Whitewater community, and how does the community support you?

Edgerton Hospital has engaged with the Whitewater community by marketing in the Whitewater newspaper, reaching out to connect with and support the public schools, working with the university prior to coming to Whitewater, on a business plan, helping to provide local Whitewater medical education through provider presentations, and offering public events through open houses and attending job fairs. In addition, Edgerton Hospital is a member of the Whitewater Chamber of Commerce and our CEO is a member of the Greater Whitewater Committee (GWC).

The community has supported Edgerton Hospital by welcoming our clinic to Whitewater and informing us of area activities and events. Area leadership has also had discussions with our administration team about unmet medical needs in the community that Edgerton Hospital may be able to help meet. This continued communication and support will encourage the growth of our practice and footprint in Whitewater, as we work to better the health and wellness of the community!

CEO, Marc Augsburger

Whitewater Clinic provider, Dr. Rene Buenzow

Healing Garden at Edgerton Hospital

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