Kreative Solutions, LLC

What products/services do you offer?

Kreative Solutions provides an all-in-one branding and marketing solution that helps its clients create their online presence and develop an integrated marketing strategy for success. The local small business offers services in website design, SEO, e-commerce, branding, marketing strategy, graphic design, and digital marketing. Website design with search engine optimization is their specialty.  For do-it-yourself clients, Kreative Solutions designs websites in Wix and SquareSpace. For advanced functionality and customizations, Kreative Solutions develops in WordPress.

Why did you choose to join the Whitewater Chamber of Commerce?

Kreative Solutions joined the Chamber to become more involved in the community that she calls home. Kristina believes that local Chambers are great ways for small businesses to make professional connections and build awareness of their products and services.

What benefits have you received through your membership?

Kristina has gained valuable experience serving on the board of directors, as an ambassador, as a committee member, and now a sponsor. Participating in ribbon cuttings, networking, the Spirit Tour committee, and other opportunities give Kreative Solutions a chance to support other small businesses while raising awareness of the Kreative Solutions brand.  

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Interviewee: Kristina Koslosky

Interviewer: Chamber Team

Who do you serve? Who is your target market?

Kreative Solutions is focused primarily on small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits. Their suite of portfolios includes businesses from many sectors including medical, non-profit, professional services, research & innovation, real estate, mortgage lending, and niche markets. The flexibility and customization of their services makes it easy for them to work with any client from any industry. They enjoy listening to the needs of their clients, adding a creative touch, and brining their client’s vision to life through a modern and responsive design.

Who is the team?

Kreative Solutions started out as a one-person operation with the owner, Kristina Koslosky at the helm. Kristina values the specialized attention she gives to each of her clients and chooses to not outsource any of her services. As the company grew, and the services she offered expanded, she knew that she needed help to be able to meet the needs of her clients. In 2020 she added a team member, Mary Jo Koslosky, to assist with account management and networking.


Why did you choose Whitewater?

As a UW-Whitewater graduate, Whitewater is a special place for her. Kristina says the community is welcoming, unique, and supports young professionals in their pursuit of success. Her first client was the Whitewater University Innovation Center where she also set up her first office.

What is a good referral for you?

The ideal client for Kreative Solutions is a small business looking to take their website to the next level. Website design with search engine optimization is their specialty! Kreative Solutions has helped over 50 small businesses and entrepreneurs design their first website and/or take their existing website to the next level. Over the years, based on client demand, their service offerings have expanded beyond websites and digital marketing to include marketing strategy, branding, graphic design, and consulting.

What was your company's latest and greatest achievement?

When Kreative Solutions was established, Kristina set out to achieve the goal of building one website a month. Kristina met that goal in year five and she is excited to be able to help so many small businesses.

What inspires you to keep going, pursuing your dream?

Freedom & growth. Operating Kreative Solutions allows her the opportunity to have the freedom to learn and adapt her business as the market changes. The growth opportunities are endless, and she appreciates the ability to customize her work for each client she serves.