Next Home Success & Lake Home Info

Supporting local and actively participating.

Make Your Mark Campaign

Whitewater Chamber highlights members in our Make Your Mark campaign. We’ll feature businesses throughout the year that have impacted Whitewater in big or small ways.

Next Home Success & Lake Home Info

Supporting local and actively participating.

1. What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know?

Amy: We have a mascot, a French Bulldog, named Luke. We love pets, and love that owning your own home means you have the freedom to share your life with a beloved companion (or two…).

2. What do you see as the key to your success?

Amy: Our business is based on reputation, If you don’t have a good reputation there are 20 agents waiting in line behind you that do. We have continued to grow and succeed because we continue to do business the right way for our clients. Our agents are some of the best in the area. They are involved and supportive of our local communites and do not hesitate to step up when the need presents itself. They are much more than just your local real estate agents.

Robert: A love for the lake and a more peaceful lifestyle.

3. What motivates you?

Robert: Same as my previous answer!

Amy: Buying/selling property can be a complicated and stressful time for people. We are motivated by helping people with the biggest financial purchase of their life. When we hear from our clients that helped them find their forever home, or I could’ve never done this without you, that is what keeps us going. We obviously have to make a living, but its the people that keep us in this line of work. Our clients make it worth it.

4. What advice would you give a new business owner?

Amy: See a need, fill a need. Once you have done that, get involved. We have a wonderful supportive community who would love to help and support your local business, but can’t if they don’t know about it. Get out there and spread the word. Stick to it, it takes a while to get a business up and running with a lot of expense upfront. 

Robert: Surround yourself with exceptional people, never be afraid of failure, because you aren’t moving forward if you don’t make mistakes occasionally, and finally, trust your gut; it is almost always right. Have passion for whatever you choose to do. That, plus consistency.

5. How do you support the Whitewater community, and how does the community support you?

Amy: A) By being a member of the Chamber, supporting local charities: food donations & dog rescues, attending local events, supporting small business social media, shopping local. B) We have a great supportive community who shares and supports our local events and business, shares our social media, and recommends us.

Robert: I try to be active in participation, and it pays back in relationships. It works in both directions.

Interviewees: Amy Fox, Owner of Next Home Success & Robert Sivek, Owner of Lake Home Info

Interviewer: Whitewater Chamber

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