Pro Landscape Supply

Motivated by customer satisfaction.

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Pro Landscape Supply

Motivated by customer satisfaction.

In honor of Earth Month, we asked:

K: What earth friendly initiatives does Pro Landscape take?
D: We work closely with the Wisconsin DNR, as we complete many beautiful landscape projects on Whitewater Lake. We are well versed in obtaining permits and DNR regulations. Additionally, Samuel has enjoyed incorporating natural flagstone and native plant species into his designs.

1. What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know?

Many people do not know that we are open to the public. Most of our materials are sold in bulk (mulch, decorative stone, gravel, sand & topsoil) and we offer delivery with our dump trucks. Each year we sell over 700 yards of mulch.

2. What do you see as the key to your success?

The key to our success is offering high quality products. We take great pride in the high standards we have for our products – and we stand behind what we sell.

3. What motivates you?

Pro Landscape Supply is motivated by our customer’s satisfaction. We love seeing our repeat customers year after year. We wouldn’t be here without our loyal and supportive customers.

4. What advice would you give a new business owner?

Be ready to work hard. Owning a small business takes determination, consistency and integrity. Don’t give up, it’s worth it!

Interviewee: Dana Hatchett, Owner/Office Manager of Pro Landscape Supply in Whitewater, WI

Interviewer: Katy Daixon Wimer, Director of Content & Communications with Discover Whitewater Chamber, Tourism, & Downtown Whitewater

5. How do you support the Whitewater community, and how does the community support you?

Pro Landscape Supply supports the Whitewater community via the UWW Community Gardens, the Walworth County Fair and local animal shelters. We have also put a lot of work into cleaning up our property and we are excited to be finally getting a “face-lift” on our shop’s exterior. We are supported by the community by our many loyal customers.

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