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Annual Whitewater Spirit Tour


October is the perfect time for spooky, fun adventures!  Enjoy a night of spirit-related stories and unique, behind-the-scenes access to explore haunted sites throughout Whitewater.

The city of Whitewater is known as “Second Salem” and is also famous for the “Witches of Whitewater” legends. The community has a rich spiritual history and a multitude of stories of witches, ghosts, alleged murders, and occult practices.

Hear the story of the Morris Pratt Institute, Mary Worth and the Winchester Family, serial killer Nellie Horan, the Poison Widow, and other fascinating legends.

Explore some of the most famous haunted sites, that are usually closed to the public, including:

    • The Water Tower at Starin Park (aka “Witches’ Tower”)
    • Mary Worth’s Crypt at Hillside Cemetery
    • Beyond the chain-link fence at the Oak Grove Cemetery

Many of the haunted sites on the Spirit Tour have been investigated by paranormal groups. U.S. Paranormal Research not only shares their investigative findings of paranormal activities in Whitewater, but also brings their equipment along on the tour just in case there is spiritual activity to witness firsthand!

Spirit Tour 2021 is happening on October 15th & 16th!

After taking last year off due to concerns surrounding the pandemic the Spirit Tour committee is happy to announce that we are a go for 2021! This year we are adding a walking tour of haunted Whitewater on Friday night for those not yet comfortable being in a bus with others.

Tickets are on sale NOW! Click the links below for the date you want to join us.

  • Bus tour tickets will be $40 General Admission & $35 Student Admission

  • Walking tour on Friday night will be $30 General Admission & $25 Student Admission (limited to 20 participants)

We are excited to once again provide this unique and spooky experience to fans of all things paranormal!

Check out our Facebook page for updates on the Spirit Tour details for this year.

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