Whitewater Marketing Alliance

Building Collaboration Across the Community

The Whitewater community is rich with organizations, individuals, and businesses who wish to see the community thrive. With a growth mindset and an eye to the future, a collective of key players in the community came together in 2019 to talk about how to drive interest in Whitewater and market it to prospective visitors, residents, and businesses.

It all began with a conversation and a willingness to collaborate. With the help of a USDA Rural Business Development Grant facilitated by the UW-Madison Division of Extension’s Community Development Institute and the Center for Community and Economic Development, a vision was born. Through a survey of local businesses, a need was identified and that need was better marketing.

In 2020 a second USDA Rural Business Development Grant was obtained through the diligent work of the Downtown Whitewater, Inc. director and board. This grant allowed the now dedicated group known as the Whitewater Marketing Alliance to launch a Community Branding project. This project culminated in a Community Branding Guide that we hope organizations and entities engaged in the act of prospecting new residents, businesses, and visitors will use to guide their messaging and stories about Whitewater.

Participating Organizations

Whitewater Community Branding Initiative

Resource Documents

Whitewater Community Brand Book

English Version

Whitewater Community Brand Book

Spanish Version

Trade Area Analysis

English Version

Consumer Survey

English Version

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